On the other side of the Mediterranean is the island of Majorca, the largest between the Balearic and one of the largest in the Mediterranean. The island of Majorca is characterized by incredible beauty vegetation, endless sand and beaches, with romantic and distant pitfalls.

Thanks to its large-scale, sandy beaches and blue waters, Majorca is one of the most beloved holiday destinations of Europeans. Its Mediterranean climate and Catalan hospitality have contributed a great deal to this.

For those who seek natural beauty or contrasts in the landscape, Majorca is certainly an ideal proposition and will not disappoint them with its borrowers, green hills and idyllic routes. That is why many prefer to explore the island with a car rental.

Among its most popular beaches is Alcudia in the north, Santa Ponca, but also the Paguera region, which has organized beaches and numerous hotels and shops. It is also a favorite destination for many famous personalities who frequent the cosmopolitan beaches of Kala Ratiada and Kala Milor.

In addition to its coastline resorts, in Majorca you will also meet the impressive Cathedral de Mallorca temple in Palma, various picturesque villages with medieval churches like Soller and the impressive Bellver castle with its extraordinary view.

Trips to Majorca also offer a variety of options for both the accommodation, diet and the fun of every visitor, having something for everyone. It offers quiet holidays on the beach, exploration and activities in nature, and night deportations at the various bars and clubs on the island.

With a wealth of quality hotels, the island can offer each visitor unique and memorable summer moments.

As soon as you arrive at Palma de Mallorca (PMI) Palma airport, your personal driver will welcome you. By holding a label with your name, you’ll find him waiting for you at your terminal exit.

Palma de Mallorca (PMI) airport, also known as Aeroport de Son Sant Joan, is one of the busiest airports in Europe, especially during the summer season.

The taxi ride from the PMI airport to the center of Palma takes about 20 minutes if the traffic on the roads is normal, with a distance of only 9 km. So, your journey will begin by taking the Carretera de l’Aeroport highway until he joins Autopista de Llevant and leads you to the heart of the city.

How much it costs to take a taxi from Majorca airport

With regard to transport prices, regular taxis at Majorca airport may not have pre-determined fares and therefore the travel charge is determined by the taximeter according to the distance traveled. However, you can estimate that the cost of moving from the airport by a Palma Airport Taxi to downtown Palma is around $25.

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