Prague is a city that has sprung from the pages of a beautiful fairy tale. The Czech capital is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with a very large part of it retaining its medieval character. A trip to Prague is a unique experience for anyone going for the first time and a wish fulfillment for anyone who makes it more.

Prague offers a unique experience to anyone who visits as it offers a multitude of options for all tastes and every season of the year. Whenever you visit it, it is truly beautiful and will win you over from the first moment. Many choose to spend Christmas in Prague, which is a special occasion, but it is just as appealing winter or summer.

We will try to formulate a travel guide to Prague with things worth experiencing on your trip to the Czech capital without going into too much detail as there are so many things to see and do.

What to see
The city as a whole is so impressive in itself that a walk through the alleys and squares will be etched in your memory. Prague has so many attractions that we really find it hard to choose. Notable spots pop up as we wander around the city, and it’s almost certain that even without a specific itinerary you’ll hardly miss seeing something important.

Of course, the Old Town Square (Stare Mesto) is special, where you will find Prague City Hall, the famous Astronomical Clock and the Church of Our Lady of Tyn with its characteristic twin spires. You should also see Wenceslas Square, the city’s commercial centre, with its grand boulevard leading to the imposing National Museum. Then crossing the Charles Bridge, one of Prague’s most distinctive landmarks, you cross to the other side of the Vltava River to the picturesque Mala Strana district in the shadow of the impressive castle. In Prague Castle you will find, among other things, the imposing Gothic-style church of St. Vitus.

What to do
As with most trips, Prague imposes even more so, lots of walking. The medieval streets of the old town give you the feeling of being in another era and suddenly a knight in armour will emerge on horseback. Of course you should try the local products but we will go into more detail below.

A unique experience that you will not find elsewhere is to enjoy a “black theatre” performance. Black Theatre is a special technique where both the stage and the actors are dressed in black and create by playing with light. There are about 10 theatres in Prague with tickets costing 20-25 euros.

What to eat
Czech cuisine is very hearty, meat based, with creams, knedliky (steamed dough), potato and rice garnishes along with some heavy sauce and vegetables or sauerkraut. If you put aside your… calorie anxiety for a moment you will enjoy it. As with any destination, the further you get from the centre the more authentic the food you’ll eat.

Even if you’re not a beer lover insist on trying Prague. The Czech Republic is one of the largest producers of beer and you will find it everywhere at very reasonable prices and excellent quality. Indicatively some of the beers produced in the region are Pilsner, Krusovice, Kozel, Staropramen. Prefer draft (from a keg) as it is tastier keeping in mind that it is also (considerably) stronger.

Those who visit Prague in winter will find out how enjoyable a glass of mulled wine is at any time of the day. In any café or even from hawkers is probably the best solution to cope with the cold.

What to buy
Shopping in Prague is just like in any modern European capital. What stands out are the Bohemian crystals, produced here, which you will find at slightly more attractive prices and in a wide variety. During the holiday season, of course, a visit to the Prague Christmas market is a must, which is one of the largest and most famous in Europe.

Tips – tips
Exchange foreign currency at the exchange offices in the city. You will find better exchange rates from the bank. Beware though never on the street, only in shops.
The tram is a convenient way to get around and operates 24 hours a day (main lines)

Prague is a city with a lively nightlife. Bars and beer bars spring up in unlikely places that from the outside may look like home.

How to get to the center of Prague from the Airport

The first impression you get from Prague airport is clearly that you have landed in a peaceful foreign city, regardless of the large number of tourists you encounter. Everything at the airport runs very quietly and smoothly.

The second thought, which you will surely have in your mind, is: ‘Well, I have arrived, but how do I get to the place where I have booked to stay?’ and here we have the answer! Assuming, that you too are the classic traveller who prefers to stay towards the city centre, then there are many ways to go. Whether by prague airport taxi, the now famous Uber, the airport express bus, or public transport, you will get to your destination. There may be a prevailing view that a taxi or Uber will get you there faster, but it’s wrong.

The fastest yet cheapest way to get to the city centre from the airport is public transport. Yes, yes and you read that right, for just 32CZK ( i.e. about 1.25 euros) you will be in the centre in 30-35 minutes, unlike the other means mentioned above where they cost about 10 times more and you will be there in 40-45 minutes.


We here, will give you the most classic route by public transport, which we have implemented ourselves.

Arriving at Terminal 2 of Prague Airport for countries within SENGEN, and after you have collected your luggage, you will head to Exit D. There, there are a variety of machines where you can purchase your tickets , also paying with a credit/debit card. Then,you will board bus 116, which passes the airport bus stop every 5 minutes and get off at the bus terminal stop which is the stop of the green metro line ”NADRAZI VELESLAVIN”. The bus ride takes 10 minutes and is only 6 stops away. Once , you get on the metro you will head to the metro stops called ”MUSTEK” or ”MUSEUM” , which are located in Prague’s main square and communicate with the yellow and red metro lines respectively.

Tip. It is important to validate it as soon as you board the 116 bus and then for 90 minutes you will be covered. But we will write about the various tickets and transfers in another article.

2.Do not change money at the airport. This is very important because you will get back much less money in Czech currency, and you will definitely find yourself at a loss. Better, use if you have a credit-debit card, otherwise change a very small amount just enough for the tickets.


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